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Drones & Personal Injuries: 4 Factors That May Impact Your Case

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As flying technology improves, so does the world of drones. Sales of drones are steadily increasing, creating air traffic all around the globe. While the miniature planes are fun to fly, they can also be the cause of a personal injury. If you have been injured by a drone, then an attorney can help you seek compensation for medical costs and emotional damages. As you are preparing a possible settlement, there are four factors that may directly impact your case. When involving drones, it's important to consider each of these factors for your personal injury case.

No-Fly Zones

When people operate drones, they do not just have free range over any open skies. Drone owners are supposed to follow flying rules and are liable when entering no fly zones. For example, drone flying is not permitted in a majority of national parks. If you are visiting a park, a flying drone could crash into you and result in a personal injury on a hiking trail or within another area of the park. By not following the no-fly rules, the person operating the drone could be held liable for your injuries.

A no-fly zone can also be made for your personal home. By entering your address, you can add your home to the no-fly registry. If a drone ignores this request, you may find yourself darting out of the way or trying to move from a drone's recording camera. This could easily result in a trip and fall accident. When the drone pilot is disobeying your no-fly orders, you should contact an attorney about an injury case and possible settlement.

Driving Distractions

As you operate your vehicle, a low-flying drone can cause a distraction on the road. By flying too close or over the road, you can easily get distracted and be involved in an accident. This accident may involve another car or something off-road like a guardrail.

If the drone was not flying across the road, then the accident would have likely been avoided. By working with an attorney, you can build a case against the drone pilot and the dangerous conditions that were created. Other drivers can help[ provide witness statements about the drone activity. Some nearby traffic cam footage may even be obtained to showcase the drone in flight.

Crash Landing Injuries

If a drone loses power or the connection with the pilot, then it could come crashing down to the ground. In some cases, you may be the victim of that crashed drone. A falling drone can cause all types of injuries including cuts, bruises, and possible broken bones. An attorney can use your injuries and the condition of the drone to help prove your case. If you weren't involved with the use of the drone at all, then you should not have been subject to the injuries that occurred.

Along with physical injuries, an attorney can help you seek compensation for emotional injuries related to the event and any stress that comes after it. For example, you may develop a fear of drones or flying objects that fall from the sky. A psychologist can create a witness statement to help verify these emotional damages and use them in a case for you.

Dropped Items

Along with the drone itself crashing down, there are many accessories and components that can fall off a flying drone. For example, some drones are used to carry items over areas. Small boxes or accessories like attached digital cameras can fall off the drone or be sent flying due to high winds. These flying objects can cause injuries just like the drone itself. By working with an attorney, you can track the fallen object back to the drone owner to have someone to hold liable and build a case against.

Drones are still a new technology that is being adapted into society. By working with an attorney, you can help showcase any dangers or causes of injuries. Not only can you get compensated for your injury, but you can help prevent injuries in the future.