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Teachers & Car Accident Injuries: 4 Temporary Summer Jobs That May Impact Your Settlement Case

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After the school year gets out, many teachers like to fill their time in the summer by taking temporary jobs. If you've been involved in a serious car accident injury, not only are you losing out on your traditional teaching income, but you're also losing out on your ability to make the additional income through temporary jobs. If someone else is to blame for the car accident and your injuries, then you may decide to move forward with a settlement case. When planning out these cases, there are four types of temporary summer job incomes that you can include with your potential compensation. It's important to consider all of these options as they can make a big difference on your final settlement payout. Being informed on the different jobs and understanding how they impact a settlement case is important to know.

Amusement Park Workers

Each year, amusement parks across the country hire thousands of seasonal employees as ride operators, concession workers, and for other positions. Summer is a great time to make extra money as the parks are flooded with guests looking for multiple forms of entertainment. If you were a temporary amusement park worker, then your ability to make money may be hindered by a personal injury. To help establish your lost compensation, the evidence may be based on your pay and schedule from a previous summer.

If you were recently hired to be a temporary worker, then your first schedule and set hours can be used to showcase your lost income for the summer. In some cases, your temporary job may have had the opportunity to lead to a full-time job. If this was a possibility, then an attorney can collect statements from employers and bosses stating this. By using this evidence, an attorney can showcase even more lost income during your car accident settlement case.

Sports Event Workers

The summer is a great time for many sports events. Racetracks, baseball stadiums, and soccer stadiums are often hiring temporary workers to sell food, take tickets, and work in clean-up areas. These workers can be hired throughout the summer season or for set periods of time. As a temporary sports event worker, you may be missing out on a lot of potential income through the sports season. Along with regular home games to account for, your settlement case may include additional income for extended season games like all-star games or playoff games.

Food Truck Workers

During the summer, you may own or work on a variety of food trucks. As the weather gets nicer, these trucks pop up all over cities and provide a nice way to make some extra cash. When your settlement case is being built, it's important to consider all types of food trucks that you may have worked on. This includes ice cream trucks, carnival food trucks, or rest stop area food trucks. For example, you may have a relative that owns a food truck. If you helped out once or twice a week on the food truck, this can quickly add up to a lot of income over the summer. Along with the traditional income, you have earned a profit from the food sales. This can also be included with the compensation in your settlement case.

Parking Lot Workers

The loss of a single-day job can also be included as part of your settlement case. During the summer, one of the more common single day gigs you can get is a parking lot worker. Carnivals, fairs, and large events like concerts often hire temporary day workers to help manage traffic and park cars. By using a summer calendar, you can mark out the types of events where you worked as a parking lot worker. Pay stubs and letters from event organizers can help prove that you were hired as a parking lot worker in the past.

Being prepared with all your forms of income can make a big difference on your settlement case. Then you can present this evidence to a lawyer and help move forward with your case.

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