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7 Things To Do Following A Parking Lot Accident

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Parking lot accidents account for 20% of all car accidents, but when they happen, you may not know what to do. Following the rules of the road is the first step, but because you may be on private property and surrounded by businesses, there could be some extras that work to your advantage. Whether you’re at fault or you’ve just found a note on the windshield, here’s how to handle parking lot accidents. Read More»

Can You Lose Your Job For Filing A Workers' Compensation Lawsuit?

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Workers’ compensation is insurance that is taken out for employees that are injured in their employment. Workers’ compensation covers medical expenses, rehabilitation, and disability payments. The disability payments can be about two-thirds of your regular salary. Usually, an employee who accepts workers’ compensation gives up his or her right to take legal action against their employer. If you are injured and unable to work, you should not be fired for filing for workers’ compensation. Read More»

Causes Of Hot Air Balloon Accidents

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Understanding the cause of a hot air balloon accident will help you determine who is responsible for it. That way you will know who should pay your damages. Here are some of the common causes of hot air balloon accidents: Collisions with Other Hot Air Balloons It is not every day that a hot air balloon collides with another hot air balloon, but it can happen. This is especially true in parks with hot air balloons where there is a high density of balloons per area. Read More»

Been Denied Your Request For Social Security Disability? What To Do Next

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If you suffer from a debilitating injury or illness and are unable to work, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can seem like a godsend. It’s designed to provide you with the income you need to handle your living expenses. However, getting SSDI is not always as easy as it seems. You may have already submitted an application and been denied. Although it can certainly be disheartening to receive that dreadful denial letter it definitely doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. Read More»

3 Things You Need To Know About Car And Motorcycle Accidents

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Getting in a car or motorcycle accident can be incredibly scary. Not only is there a chance of death or serious injury, there is a good deal of money lost with all of the property damage involved in the crash. This is why it is so important that people know what to do if they are in a car or motorcycle accident before it happens so that they can be prepared. Read More»

It's All About The Money: Your Personal Injury Case And Compensation

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While dollars and cents cannot make your injuries go away, that fact should not be taken to mean that you should not be entitled to receive every single penny that you deserve from the at-fault driver that caused your accident. Getting compensated for your accident is all about the money, since that is the only means you have of “being made whole” by the insurance carrier. While you work on getting better, get a bit more familiar with what exactly you can expect, financially speaking. Read More»