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Dialing For Damages: Insurance Adjuster Calls And Your Personal Injury Case

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You likely were greatly relieved to find out that the driver of the car that injured you did have auto insurance. In many cases, the insurance will be adequate to cover your medical expenses and the wrecked car but you may have to take legal action to get paid for things like lost wages and pain and suffering. Dealing with the aftereffects of an accident can be challenging, and agreeing to a certain type of phone call during this time could also damage your claim. Read on to learn more.

The recorded phone call

Claims adjusters have a job to do and they are usually quite friendly to chat with. Unfortunately, they may not have your best interests in mind. They are employed by the insurance company and their job is to find out how the accident happened and what your damages might be. In doing so they will be asking you to speak about the wreck and the call will be recorded.

The liability question

Accidents sometimes can be blamed squarely on one driver with the other driver being completely without fault. When there is a potential for more than one party to be blamed, then you have the potential for a case of shared liability. If you are judged by the insurance adjuster to be partially at fault, then the other driver is less than 100% at fault. This translates into less compensation for you.

Are you partially at fault?

You may, in fact, be partially at fault but a recorded phone call with the insurance adjuster is not the time to discuss that possibility. Anything you say during that phone call could lessen your compensation.Saying the wrong thing, and there are several ways that you might do so without really meaning to, could injure your case.

Getting tripped up

That call might come at a time when you are beginning to feel the negative financial effects of the wreck on your budget and the adjuster may offer you a settlement check right there on the phone. Unless your case is extremely simple and the injuries were minor, then you should consider at least speaking with a personal injury attorney, someone from a place like Cok Kinzler PLLP, before you agree to speak and especially before you agree to a settlement offer.

Let a legal professional who understands what your case is worth negotiate for the best possible compensation payment and leave the recorded phone calls to your lawyer.