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Assumptions Pedestrian Accident Victims Should Avoid Making

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Pedestrians can be uniquely vulnerable to accidents while they are walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street. Understanding your rights as a victim in these types of cases may involve correcting a few assumptions that are often made by these victims.

Assumption: Only Accidents With Cars Are Worth Pursuing For Pedestrians

Assuming that pedestrians should only pursue accident cases with cars is one of the most common mistakes that the victims can make. In reality, bicycles also cause serious injuries for individuals walking on the sidewalk. Due to this risk, many communities will mandate that bicycles stay off the sidewalk, and riders of these vehicles can risk serious liabilities if they cause an accident that results in an injury. Electric scooters have become an increasingly common sight in many urban areas, and these devices can easily reach speeds that are fast enough to cause significant injuries if they collide with pedestrians.

Assumption: It Will Always Be Difficult To Prove The Pedestrian's Case

A pedestrian that has been injured in an accident may assume that there is little that can be done to prove their case. However, these individuals will be entitled to the ability to have a police report prepared for the accident. Additionally, those that experience this injury in an urban area may be able to utilize nearby security and traffic cameras to be able to prove their case. Consulting with a lawyer that represents pedestrian accident victims can help you with preserving and gathering this evidence to help strengthen your case.

Assumption: Injuries For Pedestrian Accident Victims Will Always Be Immediately Noticeable

Unfortunately, pedestrian accident victims can easily suffer serious physical injuries. However, it is unhelpful to assume that your injuries following this accident will be easy to notice. Rather, it can be common for some of these injuries to have a delayed onset. This is particularly true given that the victim may experience an adrenaline rush that masks much of their pain and the tendency for joint injuries to take time to manifest symptoms. Undergoing an immediate medical evaluation after the accident can be necessary for diagnosing the full extent of the injuries. In addition to allowing these injuries to be treated immediately, this will also create a direct connection between the injuries and the accident. This will make it harder for the insurance or the defence to contest that the injuries suffered were a result of the accident.

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