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Common Mistakes to Avoid after a Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcycle accidents are often an awful experience for the involved parties. However, mistakes happen, and you might find yourself involved in an accident. Whatever happens in the first few minutes after the accident is crucial for your motorcycle lawyer to build a case against the negligent rider. The steps you take after the crash can determine how far you can go with your compensation claim. Many victims often make mistakes and jeopardize their negotiation power when seeking a payout, compromising their claims. This article discusses some of those mistakes you should avoid making to get a strong claim against a negligent rider:

Failure to Get Immediate Medical Care

After getting struck by a motorcycle, you can suffer multiple injuries that can have long-term consequences. Some victims postpone their treatment because they feel fine at the moment. However, adrenaline can mask the pain and discomfort, and severe symptoms may show long after the accident. You may suffer severe injuries in the future and cannot blame the rider because of the time lapsed between the accident and your injuries. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can advise you which hospital to visit and which tests to get done. By doing so, there will be medical evidence that links your injuries to the accident, and the rider can be held accountable. Failure to establish a connection between your injuries and the accident will compromise your claim severely. 

Focusing on Material Damage Alone

Most accident victims shortchange themselves by only seeking compensation for material damages like hospital bills and medication. Some state laws allow victims to recover non-economic damages like stress, pain, distress, loss of enjoyment, and suffering. It would be wise to retain a local motorcycle accident lawyer well-versed in the relevant state laws to get the total compensation you deserve. Start writing a personal injury journal detailing how the injury is affecting your everyday life. Your motorcycle lawyer can use this journal to come up with a compensation figure. 

Communicating with the Rider's Insurance Company

The golden rule in personal injury law is to not communicate with the negligent rider's insurance company whatsoever. After the accident, the insurance adjuster will attempt to get a recorded statement from you and may even claim it is necessary to commence the claims process. Insurance companies also have lawyers and other experts that will attempt to discredit your claim and reduce the compensation amount. A reputable motorcycle accident lawyer can help you handle these insurance adjusters and avoid compromising your claim. You should only give a formal statement after conducting a thorough investigation of the accident and the full extent of your injuries.