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Protection Assured After An Accident

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If you have been hurt in a car accident, you will be needing protection. You might only realize that you have this need after dealing with the insurance company. Read on to find out why accident victims could be taken advantage of without personal injury legal protection.

Everyone is Vulnerable 

Victims of accidents are sometimes reluctant to ask for help. However, being hurt can put victims in a vulnerable position. Victims may be hurt because of the wreck, losing time and income at work, without a vehicle, and facing bills. Any time a person has been in a traumatic situation like a car accident, they can be prone to making decisions they may later regret. 

Can You Cope With the Insurer?

Insurers have a reputation for being friendly, honest, and ready to help. You will probably be treated with the utmost care when you phone your insurer to report the accident, as you should do as soon as possible. It's a different matter when you must deal with the other driver's insurer, though. They may be polite, but you are in an adversarial position with them. They may not want to pay you the money you deserve, even when you clearly should be paid.

Bad Insurer Actions

The below examples are brought about by insurers who don't want to pay on claims. If they must pay on a claim, they will try to reduce that amount as much as they can.

  • Your medical bills should be covered but they can go unpaid by the insurer. That can lead to problems with your credit.
  • You may be promised things that never come to fruition. For example, they may say they will cover your lost wages, but few insurers do that without legal intervention.
  • You may be owed pain and suffering, but most insurers won't cover that until you threaten to file a lawsuit.
  • You may find yourself dealing with lost claim forms, unreturned phone calls, and in general, a run-around.

How You are Protected

Accident victims can be protected by taking action quickly after the accident. Speak to a personal injury lawyer and they will advise you on how to handle the other driver's insurer. In most cases, you can best protect your own interests by not speaking to the other driver, their passengers, or their insurance company.

Your lawyer will do all the communicating and they know what to do to ensure that your bills get paid, your claims are fulfilled, and that you are paid for all your damages including pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, vehicle repairs, and more.

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