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Can You Pursue A Personal Injury If Warning Signs Were Present?

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Personal injury claims are typically based on negligence. When you experience an injury in the presence of warning signs, you might wonder if you can still make a claim of personal injury.

The answer depends on a few key factors. Here's what you need to know before you speak with a personal injury attorney.

Negligence Is Still a Key Role 

Firstly, you must prove that the person or entity responsible for your injury acted negligently in failing to provide adequate warning of the potential dangers.

It is important to take notice of any signs or warnings placed near hazardous areas as these can be used to support your case. For example, a grocery store might put out a "Wet Floor" sign.

Warning Signs Don't Always Absolve Liability

It is important to note that warning signs do not automatically absolve the liable party of negligence. Depending on the circumstances, a sign might not be enough to protect them from liability.

In some cases, it may be necessary for the responsible party to take additional action or add more warnings to effectively protect people from harm. 

For instance, if a construction site has warning signs but no barricades or guard rails in place to keep people out of dangerous areas, they may still be held liable for any injuries that result from their negligence.

Warning Signs Must Be Clear and Visible

Any warnings must be clear and visible to be effective. If a warning sign is not adequately posted or the wording is unclear, the liable party may still be held responsible for any injuries resulting from their negligence.

Risky Behavior Can Change Matters

It is important to note that if you ignore a warning sign or otherwise act recklessly, it could change the outcome of your case.

The liable party may be able to argue that you assumed the risk of injury by disregarding warnings and taking action that led to an accident. This could lead to a lower settlement amount or no compensation at all.

Personal Injury Attorneys Examine Warning Signs & More

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you assess the various factors that may play a role in your case. They will look at warning signs, along with any other evidence available to determine if negligence played a role and what kind of compensation you may be entitled to.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident involving warning signs, it is important to seek legal advice from an experienced personal injury attorney.